Honor Amoung Thieves

Fornstorm Mountains- Vagas Redoubt of Dellatana

We’ve made another strike against the city of Medevjada. We used some Dwarven mines to heavily damage the south tower. While the city garrison put out the fire, on the north side of town we seized a small shipments of weapons that was bound for Teremzad. We lost some good people, too many justify our meager prize. I am beginning to question the value of our campaign against that vexing city. It sits at the foot of our mountains as a taunting reminder of Tharadard’s tenacity. We toss men at it as pebbles into an ocean. Now matter how thin the ranks of the city guard, or how much the populace fears our name, the towers are rebuilt and commerce goes on. A population that fears us, will this help us be rid of Taranstaf and his heirs. The people should be fighting with us. Instead the terror we cause drives them to cling to their king, and they allow him to levy all manner of injustice, and cruelty in the name of protecting his people from the Vagas. Our numbers dwindle. I have heard little from the other bands. We need to find an ally. I have reason to believe that there may be those within the borders of Tharadard that bear no loyalty to the King, or to anyone.

I have had word from Vassa. She is working in a tavern on the road to Teremzad, where she trying to keep track of troop movements to and from the capital. She writes that 2 weeks ago a party of ill-mannered strangers wrapped in cloaks passed through heading east. She followed them hoping to discover what business they had in the city. But they turned north, she trailed them as far as the ruins of Nedarloc, and amoung slabs of broken stones their tracks ended. Another bit significant information comes from the Iznaeg Bazaar, that shady sprawl, of makeshift shops outside the gates of Medevjada. This congregation of tents, carts, and banged together scrap wood shacks provides a haven for disreputable traders that have been barred from entering the city. My man Thorne was prowling around the market when he overheard a Drell poison merchant telling some interesting news from the Draelue Hills. It seems a guest of the Drell court, an ambassador of the Scath Kala, in the midst of negotiating an alliance, managed to abscond with one of their most treasured magical texts. The Hunters were dispatched, and tracked him to the borders of Tharadard. All of this leads me to believe that the Scath Kala are operating somewhere in the Kingdom. And in all of the land no place would attract the attention of necromaners more than the fortress Nedarloc. Legend says its and brimming with dark magic. Its reputation for being haunted would also be a boon, as its likely to keep away unwanted visitors. The Scath Kala would be a valuable ally. I know they are not to be trusted, but then neither are we. I’m hoping for a little honor amoung thieves. After all we do have much in common. Their struggle to overthrow the Councilum Lux in Alluria, is not unlike our efforts to dethrone King Taranstaf. We both contend with far more powerful adversary which requires us to resort to less than scrupulous tactics. We could offer them refuge in the mountains, just across the Allurian border, and if we could base attacks from Nedarloc we could strike a blow right in Taranstaf’s backyard. Tomorrow I take a company into Tharadard, we’re going to go to Nedarloc and try to make contact with the Scath, and seize whatever opportunities for profit, and mayhem that may come our way. I’m going to need a dark wizard of my own so I bringing Verig. He has had some prior dealing with the Scath Kala. I’ll take Thorne, he has spent considerable time in Tharadard, and penetrated the border numerous times. He’s also a crack shot with a bow. For muscle I’ll call on old Berik, a great ox of a man, and a savage brawler. I have also asked Jafan a master swordsman, and renegade Tharadard aristocrat. And finally Saratha, a cunning spy, and old friend. Tonight, as is our custom before a mission, we will gather about a great blaze with our dear ones and share a meal.



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