The Journey to Faedale

Anafale Forest- South of Galaan Darach

Our first day is blighted by the threat of a coming storm. I met the dawn scrying the southern horizon at the top of the west tower. The sky was already a dense swirling froth of cloud and mist, and away to the south east an angry tangle of darkness, periodically fractured by flashes of light. The Forest is dim, and flooded with a thin haze. I can hear the rain has started, but it will probably be midday before it trickles to the Forest floor. We keep a brisk pace, sprinting at intervals, our destination is the village of Faedale. There we hope to increase our numbers. As we travel we discuss the inevitable question, When we finally gaze upon what is left of Wyndren what enemy will we find there? Delandil “Could it be the Grem Rakhi?” Una “This far East?” Celas “But the Grem Rakhi would have to pass through Alluria, or cross the Fornstorm, yes?” Elam “As I see there are only two of forces capable of crossing that Republic of men, a small band highly trained in stealth and deception, or a large army bent on invasion.” Delandil “Well, the Grem Rakhi have always trained assassins who can move as shadows and mist.” Celas “As I hear they can slit a throat and be home making a sandwich before their victim hit’s the ground.” Elam “Precisely, a band of Grem Raki assassins would have penetrated the Wood done their dark business and disappeared, chances are we would not have been alerted to there presence.” Una “Yes, the next messenger or trader to arrive in Wynden would have just found bodies and silence.” Cada “It is certain, assassins would not stay and risk open combat, and most assuredly I can FEEL our enemy still moves though the Wood.” Delandil “So are you saying when we arrive in Wynden we will be greeted by an encamped army? An invasion force? Celas “The five of us, and a handful of hunters and village sentries we manage to scrape together between here and Wynden against an Army? Delandil “You know I just remembered I left some fire root boiling in a kettle, perhaps I’ll just nip back and check on it.” Celas “Delandil, Get back here.” Una_ “Do not forget Tan, he will muster another band and meet us in Wynden.” _ Cada_” I fear for Tan, I feel his journey will be blocked, barred in some way. You should not have sent him alone.” Celas “He had to go alone, Who could keep pace with Tan?” Elam “An invasion force is not possible, at least not from Bolkrag, for there would be a wave refugees fleeing before them either Allurians from the east or Vagas from the Mountains.” Delandil “Ay, what of the Vagas, Could they have raised an army?” Elam “They never have, not since they were driven from Thyatis. They are small scattered tribes that do strike and flee fighting much like Grem Rakhi assassins.” Una “Besides, they would have come from the south, and Wynden is not the first settlement they would have come across.” Delandil “So then, What? Alluria? Have our neighbors to the West betrayed us?” Una “I could never believe that? Not unless every member of Councilum Lux has gone mad.” Elam ” I agree, nearly every realm on this continent has long held a dagger for its neighbor’s back except Alluria and Anafale. It is this peace that has prevented many Wars, it would not be thrown aside lightly.” We came into undergrowth thick and crowded, every pace now had to be accompanied by a quick turn, or sudden duck, and we began the swift twisting gait, the flowing dance that is the Treewalk. A million tiny waterfalls began to pour all around us as the morning rain had finally found its way through the boughs. Celas “Oh, lovely, thats just….grand, certain doom, invading armies, now wet leathers, all I need more is to take a tumble into a nice pile of bear dung and my day will be complete.” Cada “Do not complain Celas, the Forest will need to drink deeply if it is to defend itself from these intruders.” Celas “Yeah, well I’d like to drink deeply, does this Faedale have a tavern.” Delandil “Not as such, but there is a Public House that serves a thornblossom wine that better than bathwater.” Una “Look you two, The survival of the western villages depends on our reaching them before they are attacked, we do not have time to lounge about a Pub sipping thornblossom wine.” Delandil “But my dear Una, we are stopping in Faedale? To enlist recruits , Yes? Well, what better place for the town to gather and hear our news, and plea for aid than….” Celas “The Public house, and what stirs a youth to acts of courage, daring than a wee bit of thornblossom wine.” Una “Very well, but we will press on, I want to be deep in the wild again before make camp.”



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