Friends and Enemies

Anafale Forest- Northwest of Galaan Darach

I have been sent northwest to alert the Northern villages of danger in the wood, and to dispatch reinforcements I can find to meet Una and the others near Wynden. So I urged my steed Thendil summon all the speed he possessed, and we made for Ardwyld, the nearest settlement large enough to be able to aid Wynden. The Woods rushed by tree trunks blurred into solid walls. Hanging branches swooped down at me from the flickering ceiling of dark bough, and white clouded sky. I kept low close to Thendil’s mane so as to ensure my head would stay attached while we made countless bounds over fallen trees, stone, and bramble. What I could see of the sky tells me a storm is near. I also spied flocks of birds flying east reminding me to be wary. I decided to slow Thendil a bit, so as not to go charging into a trap. But soon it began to rain, and a ferocious wind bent the trees sending water, leaves, and debre whipping us in the face, and almost entirely obscuring my vision. I believe I could have galloped down the throat, and into the belly of a dragon before I sensed something amiss.

I was nearing the river Beatheil, the crossing to Ardwyld, when Thendil suddenly reared nearly tossing me. A small shadowy figure dashed in front of us, and darted in under Thendil’s uplifted hooves. A deep, gruff voice spoke, “I am sorry for the suprise, but I did not want to call out to you, for fear of being heard by ears other than yours, Tan.”



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