The Darkening of the Light

Republic of Alluria- Del Astarum Still the western range is bound to be teeming with bandits, Dwarven patrols, and all manner of beasts. I just hope the Magister can hold the light long enough for our return. May the Faith guide and preserve us.

I fear that dark days are upon us. His Holiness the Sanctus Magister has fallen into the grip of some strange illness. Each day he grows weaker. The most skilled healers in all the Realms call this city home, of all the peoples of Elan we are the most learned in the healing arts, and yet the answer for this aliment eludes us.  It is in fact our failure to find a cure which has brought many, including myself to the conclusion that this is no natural affliction.  The Magister's personal Valde suspects poison. Though I think he be in the right, I have sworn him to keep his suspicions to himself.  He is to do all he can, and consult with who he must to find an antidote, but not to reveal the identity of his patient.   I can just imagine the panic, and despair that would fall over the land if it was believed the Magister was vulnerable to such treachery.  After all he is the Vessel of Light, the Walking Dawn, the Living Star, our people are pious, superstitious, it would be seen as an omen bespeaking of doom.  Then there is the Councilum Lux whose more cantankerous members would be calling for the rites of succession before the good Valde concocted his first antidote.  My greatest fear is that the Valde will fail.  All poisons have long been banned in the Republic, our knowledge of their composition, and remedies is limited and ancient.  He will find few, if any samples to study. All of this has brought me to one grave decision.
I must lead an embassage south, to the Drell, to the Worlocks of the Draelue Hills. A people we know very little of, and what we do know comes from the ancient histories.  We do know they are renowned for their expertise in poisons.  Every illegal poison taken off every would-be assassin has been made from herbs known only to grow in the Draelue Hills. It has been centuries since there has been any contact with the Drell, not since their exodus from Anafale after the War of the Barrens, when they passed through our lands in search of a new home. It is known that they are allies of the Grem Rakhi, with whom we have had to much contact in the form of border raids.  Our spies have on numerous occasions reported the presence of Drell soldiers, and traders in Bolkrag Valley.  Considering an ongoing conflict with Bolkrag, the nonexistence of previous relations, and the irreconcilable differences of our philosophies on the use of magic, I have little reason to believe that our entreaty will be well received.  Even if we are received, and they agree to aid us in finding an antidote for our ailing Magister, what terrible price will they demand, something more than gold.  What bargain can we come to?  I am not sure the Magister would want to be saved if the cost were a betrayal to all we hold most sacred.  And how can I trust they will honor their end of any agreement, after all these are people who believe it perfectly acceptable to twist magic into any form, and bend it to any end that pleases them, the satisfaction of the most perverse base desires, enslaving others by charm and illusion, channeling energy in ways that cause destruction, and death, conversing with spirits of the dead, there are Worlock spells for all these things.
There is still the question of who is behind this plot?  One of the elder Councilors with visions of wearing the Magister's mantle? The Scath Kala?  A foreign power, Bolkrag, the Vagas, perhaps the Drell?  That is why this mission must be secret.  I did have to inform at least one member of the Councilum Lux in order be able to legitimately negotiate with a foreign government on behalf of the Republic.  I chose Councilor Theros, he is a long time friend of the Magister, I believe him to be a good man.  Since I have instructed my most trusted men to watch over the Magister , while I am gone, I am left with the task of  finding brave souls to accompany me on this endeavor. I feel most of my guards, save the ones I have assigned to the Magister, are a too close to Councilum politics to be completely trusted.  I will of course take my apprentice Corsian, and then there is Rhaeog, the son of Councilor Therus.  He is a soldier in the 7th legion, a bit green but trustworthy.  I have sent word to my childhood friend Owiddryn, he is a Dev Nitor, with the Semita Solis Order.  My thoughts turn to Commander Taebry, he held this post before I.  He was the Magister's guard when the Mantle was taken.  He has been retired for some years, but if he still has the strength I know he would spend it to save his old master.  There is one other I would like to join, she is known as Eaeha, a famed Uluvac scout, archer, tracker.  Although I do not know her personally, I know she spends her time in the wilds of the Uluvac region to the east, far from the halls of power, and treachery.  
    All of these other concerns aside, my immediate problem once our company is assembled, is the road south.  The shortest route would be straight through Bolkrag Valley, but its borders being so carefully watched and heavily guarded it seems impenetrable to all but an army or a single spy.  So it seems we must go around though the Fornstorm mountains, but we should keep just east of the valley, out of the range of Namhad , but not so far east that we are crossing high rugged near impassable peaks that comprise most of the Fornstorm.



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